John Crowson

Flight Instructor : Fixed Wing CFI CFII, mei

John is the newest Instructor to the Horizon Flight School. He has had a passion for flying since he could walk. John has had experienced training from a Airline Academy and wants to share his knowledge and experience to others. John is a First Officer in a International Charter (Part 135) Company as well as a Flight Instructor. His experience  has taken him everywhere in the United States, Canada and Mexico. 

1751 Shuttle Columbia Drive Suite 310

El Paso, TX 79925


Gabriel Mason


Flight Instructor : Fixed Wing CFI, CFII, MEI 

Gabe Mason was bit by the flying bug at a very young age. Every time an aircraft passed overhead he was compelled to stop and look upwards. Since then, not much has changed. Gabe spent eight years as a flight engineer in the Army on a CH-47, until one day in 2004 he could no longer stand it. Gabe went to flight school. Almost 6500 hours later, Gabe’s experience has taken him from El Paso, to Vermont, to DPE for Oxford out of Phoenix, and now has returned to his flying roots back in El Paso.

Bill Kirkwood

Flight Instructor : Fixed Wing CFI CFII, ATP

A visionary with a passion for aviation and over eight thousand hours, Bill has been flying most of his life. He has graced King Airs, Lear Jets, Citations, DC-3s, and has run the gamut of airframes. In 2005 Bill started Horizon Flight School as an outlet for sharing his passion with others. Bill’s integrity, commitment to safety, and flying skill has allowed those who have passed through Horizon’s doors to follow that quest for the sky.