the fleet


N73095 is our tail wheel trainer. It is a classic Cessna 140 basic trainer with two seats, and an aluminum wing conversion. It is powered by a Continental 0-200 with 100 horsepower.

Cessna 152

N5378B is a 1979 Cessna Sparrow Hawk 152 with the 125 horsepower conversion. This little plane has worked real hard and has earned many students their pilots license. N5378B is also equipped with a 296 Garmin GPS for great situational awareness. It is a standard two person trainer.

cherokee warrior   pa-28-151


N67RA is our Cessna R172E. It is a fully

IFR certified aircraft with a Garmin 430 WAAS. It also had the 180 horse power conversion and has plenty of power for this density altitude.


N2244T is a sleek Cessna 182 RG. It is our commercial, complex and high performance trainer. It can easily handle four average people even at this altitude. It is a fully equipped IFR airplane with an Apollo MX 20 nav system and a Garmin 530. It also has a fully functional auto pilot.


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